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Also called Wachowski, I like drawing, spicy food and ranting about terrible movies.


I flip burgers


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Recently I have been very active on this site, doing quite a few uploads over the past few days. Focusing on art over other creative endeavours. I plan to outline my current plan regarding the site so anyone interested can have some information about what i'm up too.

What I'm currently up too

I'm at my last year in high school, so juggling tw- three portfolio subjects is quite a lot of fun and also gives me an oppurtunity to present my work once these are finished on this site as i'm confident people will enjoy them, I am working on 3D modeling, Animation and website design which are all very interesting to me. While doing all this I also do the art I post here.

What I thinks gonna happen afterwards

Once these fun but cumbersome portfolios are done i'll finally have my arms free to pursue more independant endeavours as I wait for University (If I manage to get in, that is) and dip my toes into animation on this site again, you see I first showed up at this site a while ago to make an animated series called "Refracted." But the main issue was that I had no drawing knowledge nor animation knowledge, leading to a shitpot that still scars my memory to this day...

Why do I bring this scathing memory back you ask? Because my plan involves going back to these stories I made and try and give them a new breath of life again with the skills I have learnt since those times. If not I'll go try some other stories I have been thinking of.

They definitely sound like an exciting endeavour and I'm definitely not reaching for the unfollow button right now, what can I do to help out?!

Wow thanks! Well while I'm not looking for collaborations at the moment you guys can help me out a SHIT TON by doing two things

  1. Telling your friends about my work if you like it (I mean you have taken the time to read this long ass text box so i'll be optimistic) Which is really a no brainer for helping people out.
  2. Sending me some constructive criticism and engage in some in-depth conversations on my feedback art thread which is found Here, which has all of my more recent art entries and gives me a great space to request help and feedback, of course you could always comment on the post itself but I reckon this is more fluid so go ride.

Yeesh what a read, huh? Well thanks for donating some time to read and sticking around whether I know you or not, Im always in a mood to talk about Art and animation so send me a private message if thats your thing, and i'll see you guys later. For now don't shit yourself


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